231A Hidden Heritage

Itinerary description:

Although short, this trail will take you through Istrian hidden heritage revealing a number of attractions amongst which you will definitely be thrilled by the view from St. Michael's viewpoint. This is the point where everyone will stop to enjoy the stunning views. The cycling trail starts in the Town of Bale. The protected old core of outstanding sights, with the Venetian beauty of the Soardo-Bembo palace, tells us the story of its turbulent history. As you leave Bale, you will see an old šterna, a cistern once used for collecting rainwater, which once served the town’s water supply, as well as the Grubić oil mill, which still preserves exhibits of the old oil mill dating back to 1930.Whilst discovering this valuable heritage, the trail also passes by the Parish Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Elisabeth. The church was built in the 8th century, expanded in the 16th century and then completely demolished in the 19th century for the construction of a new church. It is believed that the wooden sculpture of Our Lady of Mon Perin, which is kept there, has miraculous powers and that it once saved the place from the great drought.
On the way through the picturesque olive groves and vineyards that overwhelm this area, you arrive close to the Mon Perin campsite and the remains of the small Church of St. Paul, better known as San Polo, built on the remains of the ancient edifice. And not forget the dinosaurs! Returning to Bale, you will find their bones, discovered in the nearby Kolone Bay, exhibited in the Ulika Gallery in the town centre.

Tehnical Characteristics:

From a total of 9.8 km of our cycling trail, up to 8.8 km is on a macadam road within the Bale area with only one kilometre ridden on an asphalt road so it is no wonder that it will take around an hour and a half in order to discover this itinerary. The altitude difference is negligible as it does not exceed 168 metres and the trail is entirely suitable for riding on trekking, electric and mountain bicycles.


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