Itinerary description:

The 39.2 km long Itinerary of the Most Fascinating Views trail offers the most magnificent views at the very beginning. The first viewpoint after only 360 metres offers a breath-taking view over the Lim Bay, just as well as the second viewpoint arising after 1.9 km. 
The trail leads further on to the Church of St. Margaret Jural built at the end of 12th century. Approximately ten kilometres away, you will reach the Church of St. Peter in Barat, built at the end of the 17th century. 
After the sacred buildings from the first part are left behind, at the 23rd km of the ride through the Kontija forest you will reach the Puč source. The trail ends by the monastery of St. Michael.

Tehnical Characteristics:

With an altitude of 553 meters, this trail is moderately demanding. It is recommended for trekking bicycles as it is mostly paved (21.7 km) while the rest of the trail is macadam (17.4 km). Of course, it can also be ridden on mountain and electric bikes. The surface is made up of small to medium sized stones without sharp edges and the sliding level is relatively low. Despite the fact that the altitude difference is not negligible, there are no significant uphill or fast downhill slopes. 


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