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The circular Rumenija cycling trail in the centre of the peninsula is just 8.5 kilometres long and it starts by the Tourist Information Centre in Žminj. An easy ride will take us through the old part of the town and further north, to travel along the trail that stretches northeast of Žminj.

On the road the Žminj forest will be our host, which is ideal for bike riding and will also protect us from the sun. The trail passes by Klenovica, a pond that locals have been calling the Lake of Love since ancient times. The biggest Žminj pond was once the main source of water where laundry was washed and cattle was fed.

The ride continues along the edge of the Žminj forest all the way to the village of Šoštari, close to which another pond, Črnjava, appears as well as a small resting place for cyclists, walkers and passers-by. The tarmac road leads us further through the forest to reach Gornji Tankovići and then turns back towards Žminj, going first in the direction of the village of Laginji. Here we can find St. Fosca’s Church, the oldest church in the area of Žminj that was built in the 6th century. The church was first demolished in the 7th century, following an attack by Slavs and Avars and then rebuilt around the year 800.

From Laginji the trail easily continues along the narrow asphalt road towards   the west and the starting point of our cycling trail, back in Žminj. We pass through the town, ride slightly uphill through the old town and arrive at the finish point, which of course is the same point from where we started.

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Note: Map and trails on the website are informative and are to be used at one's own risk.