Our trail starts at Ližnjan center, where we ride downhill, south. On our left, we see the Kuje cove and Ližnjan harbor. The asphalt road changes to gravel, and on the second crossroad we ride right, uphill. The next crossroad opens up a view of the quarry in front of us, and we ride left, through the fields. We descend to the sea, where we continue along the seashore until we reach the AC fence, where we go uphill. Reaching the top, we ride right, slightly downhill, towards an asphalt road where we continue left, uphill, through the forest, until we reach Ližnjan. At Ližnjan entrance we go left taking the gravel road, through the village and onto the dirt road, which takes us to the asphalt road which connects Medulin and Ližnjan. We switch immediately onto gravel, and ride through Vrčevan, taking a right turn and reaching the asphalt road between Ližnjan and Šišan. Entering Šišan we continue towards Pula, and we ride the gravel and dirt roads next to the Šišan cemetery. Our trail takes us between the fields and low vegetation, until we reach the WWII fighters memorial, near Jadreški. We continue on the left of the memorial, going uphill. We then continue left, through a forest clearing, going north. The forest clearing leads us to a gravel road, where we go left and pass the Church of Blessed Virgin Mary. When we reach the asphalt road, we ride left and then right towards Muntić. In Muntić we pass the Church of st. Jerome and once behind it, we go right and continue downhill, changing to gravel once more. Continuing downhill, we reach the historical site of Nezakcij, with a small resting area. We take the asphalt road uphill to Valtura, continuing to the village center, passing the neogothic Church of st. John. We then take the south road, towards Ližnjan. The next crossroad going left takes us to Budava cove (a photo point). During Roman times, it was a harbour, today it's a mussel and fish farm. We continue right towards Ušićevi dvori, where on our left we pass a pond entering a forest. We continue east, downhill towards the sea. Exiting the forest, we ride for 10 km along the seashore, changing to a gravel road. We pass the Kuje Church and continue left onto asphalt. Here we go right, uphill, where we reach the center of Ližnjan. The bike trail is of medium difficulty. It takes us through natural and historical beauties of southeastern Istria, and is enriched by traditional cuisine. 


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