We start from a small crossing in front of the Local Tourism Office in Tar-Vabriga. We turn left onto the road towards Gedići/Nova Vas. At the fork in the road, on leaving Tar, we turn right, and immediately after we turn left onto a narrower road and head south. Arriving at a slight bend on the right we take a gravel path on the left. At the fork in the road we head right - in a westerly direction, and after 300 metres turn right facing south, and keep heading in this direction for the next 1.4 km. We get to the gravel road and we keep on going straight towards the village. We pass through the village in the same direction until we get to the main road Poreč-Kaštelir-Labinci. Arriving on the main road we turn left, until we come to the village of Gedići. In the village Gedići we turn right. We keep going in that direction (to the left) and arrive at the Cave of Baredine, which is open to the public. After that, we head back to the road. Arriving on the road, we go left and proceed until the village of Nova Vas, and we remain on the main road in the village. After that, we head back to the village of Gedići. We cross the main road and head north, crossing the Stancija Grgotin,towards the village of Vrh. In the village of Vrh we turn right from the main road towards the village of Perci. We head towards the locality of Perci pass and again come out onto the main road and keep going to Tar. We arrive at Tar and finish our trip where we started from, in front of the Local Tourism Office in the main square.


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