When you have enjoyed enough all attractions of the fashionable seaside resort Rabac, the pearl of the Kvarner bay, magnificent beaches, luxurious restaurants, the air full of fragrances of various Mediterranean vegetation you can take Teran trail from the waterfront of Rabac and continue along the gravel road to Ripenda Kos.

The trail leads you further on the gravel roads and single trails routes across to the Standard peak to Plomin Luka. You can enjoy the unforgettable views of the blue sea and the neighboring islands of Cres and Lošinj, and when the weather is beautiful you can see the Velebit Mountain.

After a short climb from Plomin Luka you will come to Štrmac and continue through Nedešćina and Santalezi on a wine road to Sv. Martin. where you feel free to refresh and relax in one of the wine cellars. Going further through the village of Snašići and St Bartol, you will come to Labin.

In the old city centre on the top of the hill you can visit and admire palaces dating from the period of Venetian dominion, like e.g. the monumental Town gates of St Flora, the town loggia, the palaces Franković, Manzini, Scampicchio, Negri and Battiala-Lazzarini (National museum) and the architecture of the late 19th century. However, Labin is more ancient then it looks like. Built on the site of an Illyrian hill-fort it originally dates from 2000 B.C.. Labin, the Illyrian Alvona, once known as the bastion of the Istrian mineral industry, today is a city of galleries and art studios. In summer it is transformed into an artistic city where the most important events of the contemporary artistic scene (Labin Art Republic) take place.

Therefore, do not hesitate to ride through the old city centre and visit the galleries, art studios and the churches of Labin, i.e. those of St Stephen and of St Just and the Parish church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary built in the 14th century. You can also visit Matthias Flacius Illyricus memorial collection. Matthias Flacius Illyricus (1520-1575) was born in this place, collaborated actively with the famous Martin Luther and was one of the most eminent supporters of the Protestant reform. Continuing along G. Martinuzzi street you will reach Fortica (belvedere) with a magnificent view of the sea, Rabac, the island of Cres, and the Istria’s highest mountain – Učka.

Continue along the road to the village of Gondolići, where you turn in to the single trail and enjoy your last downhill on this route and there you are, back to your starting point, Rabac - the lively waterfront of the pearl of the Kvarner bay!


  • Fragrances of the Mediterranean: Rabac on the seaside - the pearl of the Kvarner bay? (gastronomy - delicious seafood close to the sea)
  • The trail of noblemen, reformists and Venetian artists ? the old city centre of Labin (baroque palaces in the old city, Matthias Flacius Illyricus memorial collection), art galleries and churches, Labin Art Republic)
  • Dubrova - ?The White road? (park of sculptures, venue of the Mediterranean Sculptors? Symposium)

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Gastronomic guide

  • Labin, ?Due fratelli?, Montozi 6, tel. 052 / 853 577
  • Labin, ?Rogočana?, Rogočana 1, tel. 052 / 852 576
  • Plomin, ?Kod Dorine?, Plomin 54, tel. 052 / 863 023
  • Rabac, ?Nostromo?, Obala m. Tita 7, tel. 052 / 872 601
  • Sv. Nedelja, ?Pineta?, Sv. Martin 32b, tel. 052 / 865 688
  • Plomin, ?Riva?, Luka Plomin bb, tel. 052 / 863 404
  • Kršan, ?Konoba Stare staze?, Kršan 26, tel. 052 / 863 259

Wine roads

  • Pićan, ?Goran Baćac?, Kukurini 16, tel. 052 / 869 105
  • Raša, ?Doriano Licul?, Brgod 40, tel. 052 / 875 063
  • Sv. Nedelja, ?Florian Radičanin?, Sv. Martin 32b, tel. 052 / 865 688
  • Sv. Nedelja, ?Romeo Licul?, Sv. Nedelja 67, tel. 052 / 865 401
  • Kršan, ?Vina Zlatka?, Čepić 17, tel. 052 / 867 424
  • Pićan, ?Vina Ružić?, Most Pićan 2b, tel. 052 / 885 333
  • Pićan, ?Siniša Sergo?, Sv. Katarina 59, tel. 052 / 850 653

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