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Which city is situated on seven hills, has a magnificent Amphitheatre and is not Rome? The answer is - Pula.

No, it is not a mistake – you are, indeed, in front of Pula, the largest city in Istria. We suggest visiting it at moderate pace, with a lot of patience and with your eyes wide open. Visiting Pula in one go is not a simple venture, therefore, prepare yourself carefully and remember: Pula is an enchantress with thousand appearances which has been casting spell on its visitors for centuries. Many of them who have once passed under the Sergius’ Triumphal Arch (from the end of the 1st century B.C. and the beginning of the 1st century A.D.), or walked through its famous Arena, a Roman amphitheatre (from the 1st century B.C.) usually long to come back forever. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that many legends of the city still live on and tell us how the city was founded by the Colchidians who, after chasing Jason and the Golden Fleece, settled down here and did not want to return to their homeland, and that Dante Allighieri and Richard the Lion Heart in person walked along its streets and admired its beauty. Pula is a fascinating city in the true sense of the word with its rich antique heritage which on every step reminds us of the saying of Cassiodorus that Roman patricians used to live here “like Gods”.

If you have a look at its Austro-Hungarian heritage, beautiful and worth of respect, and if you consider the fact that in the 19th century (in 1848) Pula was the chief military port of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy where, among others, the famous James Joyce settled for a while, you will realize that you are beginning to penetrate deeply under the tissue of long and glorious history of the city which has always vaunted its spirit of European cosmopolitism.

Therefore, go straight to the starting point - Kaštel! Welcome to Pula!


Accommodation - Bike & Bed

Accommodation - Bike hotels

Bike shops


Transport service

Olive oil road

  • Pula, ?Agroprodukt d.o.o.?, Medulinska cesta 15, tel. 052 / 543 470

  • Pula, ?Olea d`oro? , Partizanski put bb, Veli vrh, tel. 052 / 534 646, 098 715 278

  • Galižana, ?Baiocco? , Galižana 8a, tel. 052 / 512 473


Gastronomic guide

  • Borghese
    Monte Paradiso 25, tel. 052 / 392 111
  • Fantazija
    Palisina 29, tel. 052 / 506 306
  • Galija
    Epulonova 3, tel. 052 / 383 802
  • Kavana ogledala
    Flaciusova 20, tel. 052 / 210 663
  • Valsabbion
    Pješćana uvala, tel. 052 / 222 991
  • Vela Nera
    Marina Veruda, tel. 052 / 219 209
  • Restoran Stari grad 01
    Stoja 28, tel. 052 / 386 640
  • Hotel ? Restoran Milan
    Stoja 4, tel. 052 / 300 200
  • Restoran Valter
    Lungomare 1, tel. 052 / 387 589
  • Restoran Ribarska koliba
    Verudela 3, tel. 052 / 222 966
  • Restoran Paradiso
    Monte Paradiso 40, tel. 052 / 383 736
  • Restoran Oaza
    Paduljski put 3, Veli Vrh, tel. 052 / 534 043
  • Vila Vulin
    Tommaseova 10, tel. 052 / 393 990
  • Kažun
    Vrtlarska 1, tel. 052 / 223 184
  • Taj
    Škokovica 23, tel. 052 / 505 557
  • Vodnjanka
    Dinka Vitezića 4, tel. 052 / 210 655

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